Metropolis sweet world for many years satisfies your sweet needs. Whether you’re a fan of chocolate or “less” sweet delicacies we will surely meet your expectations. Fusion of traditional domestic recipes and modern pastry trends, Metropolis team created just the best for you.


“Tastes are not born but made,” says Marc Twain. The taste and quality we have created we owe to carefully selected local ingredients from eligible suppliers, without a tinge of finished or semifinished products. It is very important that our desserts are fresh,so we seek to align our production with the needs of our customers.

Metropolis team of pastry chefs is a regular participant in famous European fairs and education, and continuously monitors trends and innovations in the field of pastry. The wide range of our delicious and irresistible desserts, has recently fulfilled with gluten free and sugar free deserts.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

08:00h - 23:30h


09:00h - 23:30h


10:00h - 23:00h Only SCC - 23:30h

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